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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my question is not listed here?
A: Feel free to email me directly at Nico [at] ( [at] = @ ).

Q: Is entry free?
A: Entry to is completely free.

Q: Will any artwork be accepted?
A: We are looking for artwork from artists who have been featured in one of the Ballistic Publishing books before or artists who received online recognition before like for instance a CGSociety award. Do feel free to upload any artwork you made. This should only give you an idea of what quality level we are looking for.

Q: What are the benefits of entering?
A: The benefits that the artist will receive are:
- 20% revenue
- free membership access to and
- free PR online at and offline through people's desktops

Q: Can you explain that 20% again?
A: The 20% revenue of the total sales is divided over the artists. To determine how much each artist receives we compare the wallpaper downloads in the members section of each individual artist to the total amount of downloads in the members section of all artists. That way, artists who do more entries and have more popular images, receive automatically the most revenue.

500 new memberships per month
$10 membership price
100.000 total wallpaper downloads per month
10.000 your wallpaper downloads per month

20% of the total sales is $1000.
10.000 of 100.000 is 10%.
You receive: 10% of $1000, which makes $100 per month.

Q: What about copyrights?
A: You get to keep all of the copyrights, similar to submission to the well known Exposť books. After you submit your image to, you can still do anything you like with your artwork like selling it to a client, printing it on t-shirts or posters, etc. It is possible to register as a Company instead of an Individual and you can register your clients name with the image. We list proper credits to every image on the site and on the wallpaper itself:
- Artwork Title
- Artist Name
- Artist Website
- Client Name (if applicable)
- Company Name (if applicable)
- Company Website (if applicable)
- Country
- Used Software
- Copyright Notices

Q: At what quality should I send my images?
A: For the best result we prefer lossless compression at the original full resolution. Feel free to use zip or rar to decrease your upload time. We will make a wallpaper out of your high-res image. We have been doing that for six years at already.

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