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Who we are
CGWallpapers is built by the team behind, which is 11 years old and has 400,000 monthly visits. We provide the wallpapers for ImagineFX and Computer Arts and 7 game related magazines.

Why submit, what's in it for me?
First of all, you will receive a percentage of the sales. Secondly, you will get free membership access to both and And last but not least, you will get free PR online through and free PR offline through people's desktops who will look at your artwork all day long.

We offer 20% royalty for the artists ( is 10-17%). Full-access memberships are $14.95 a year and 20% of the total sales will be divided over the artists by counting and comparing their wallpaper downloads. That way, popular artists automatically make the highest profit.

Sounds good! Where do I send my artwork?
In order to submit your artwork for inclusion on, you must first register and then login.



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